From the recording Where I'm From

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A fun little song I wrote in about 30 minutes while driving a high mountain pass to our family cabin in Colorado, after a great day of fly fishing.


Janey’s Going Out Tonight
Come on Boys it’s Friday night.
Come on Boys I’m feeling right.
Come on Boys turn out the lights.
Cause Janey’s going out tonight
The boy she loved ain’t coming home.
Found another now she’s alone.
Broke her heart but she won’t cry.
She’ll find lover it’s do or die.
Set out her black shoes heels so high.
Washed her red dress hung out to dry.
Fixed her yellow hair ribbons and bows.
Painted her face put on a show
She’ll cut a rug with me and you.
Dance all night if she takes off her shoes.
Feeling so free she’s feeling so light.
Janey’s getting right tonight
It’s getting late I hold her tight.
Stars shine down on us tonight.
Is it love? Is it fate?
Janey I just can’t wait
I’m taking Janey home tonight.