From the recording Where I'm From

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In the early 90’s there was a bar in the middle of nowhere western New Mexico called Bluewater. The characters are just my imagination.


Bluewater Bar
Medicine man behind the bar, mixing his magic.
Special order for Navaho Joe, his life has turned so tragic.
Lost his boy in the Afghan War got no more to give.
Up at noon he’s drunk by four this ain’t no way to live
Just off of 40 on the other side of Grants.
There’s a spot in the road you will come on by chance.
Like a beacon in the night a flashing neon star.
An oasis in the desert called the Bluewater Bar
Old lady Kate she’s got a heart full of pain.
Husband up and left her in the November rain.
Nobody’s left at home the kids they never show.
Comes in her most every night no other place to go.
My old friend John Lee He’s got a little ranch.
Up on Mount Taylor, bank gave him one last chance.
Cattle market’s doing good his country’s looking great.
Brought the whole crew in today just to celebrate
Now if you ever find yourself headed way out west.
Got a little time to kill and you need a little rest.
Got to look for it real hard the place it’s kinda hid.
Stop in for a drink you’ll be glad you did